Club Kit

Get your et kit supplied by Orca here. Click on the picture to the right - only works when the ordering window is open. It is now OPEN until Wednesday 14th March.

Read the next bit carefully!

You create an account then order and pay Orca directly. When the ordering window closes I give the go-ahead, Orca makes your stuff and sends it to me.

You get 15% off the prices shown - but only if you enter the code "edinburghtriathletes" when you get to the checkout page. This code also applies to any orca stuff from their general website, not just the et kit. But - don't mix club kit with other stuff on the same order - it upsets their system - then it upsets  you when your stuff goes awol.

The club subsidises tri suits down to £50, but you have to pay the full (with your 15% discount) cost up front to Orca and the club will refund  you the difference. As kit organiser I will know who is ordering and will get in touch so I can pay you.

Personalised tri suits! When you order a trisuit there's an option to add your name to the suit - no cost!

These are some of the reasons you might want to have this kit:

  • Racing in club kit gets you more cheers and support as you go round the race (ask anyone who did ironman 70.3 edinburgh).
  • Training in club kit gets the club, noticed.
  • This kit is higher quality than you can expect to get in the shops for anywhere near these prices. (This is true because we get it direct from the manufacturers).
  • And (hopefully you agree) it looks cool!

 Email me (  with any questions.

There will be some general occasions where you can see the stuff and try it on. These will be notified by email.  Phil

To hire a bike box or borrow a wetsuit go here

To find out about discounts available from sponsors go here 

Other, non Orca, kit is below



et kit 201708.JPG



ET T shirts - And for just a cool £10.

Francesca is modelling the latest from the House of ET, a Bella + Canvas triblend T shirt with your favourite et logo. I've been road testing one for a few weeks. It's supersoft, a close but not tight fit and is super non smelly (unlike some of those tech type t shirts). It could be seen as mainly leisure wear but is also good for training when you want to rock that "I don't need a tech shirt to show that I'm an athlete" look.

Male and female versions available. Colour is "charcoal" and is in sizes:

Girls: S, M, L, XL (sizes 8, 10/12, 14, 16). The one in the photo is S.

Guys: S,M,L,XL,XXL (chest sizes 37” , 39” , 42" , 44" , 46").

It has the following features, it’s extremely durable so will withstand repeated washing, and it has a flattering longer length and is great to wear with jeans or leggings (if you like wearing leggings). Fabric wise it is made from 50% polyester, 25% combed and ring-spun cotton and 25% Rayon.


Hoody Valerius Small.jpgHoody with your favourite et logos. This is a high quality hoody from Kudos Sports in thick polycotton with the purple panels in technical stretch polyester. Front logo is embroidered and rear logo printed. Available in both female and male cuts.  £45.

Hoody Size Chart Kudos 40%.jpg

SWIMSUITS - Only Gents available now

TOGZ Tartan Cropped Resized.jpg

These suits are designed and made by Togz Australia, where they know a thing or two about swimming. Samples have been pool tested.

Sizes: Ladies 8, 10, 12 etc.

Gents - read carefully since I am normally a 32 inch waist and fit size XS! 

28" = Boys size 12; 30" = Boys size 14; 32" =  XS, 33" =  S; 34" = M; 36" = L

 Prices: Ladies £35; Gents £32