The Gullane Swim:

The start line will be on the beach with a short run to the water.


You will then wade/ swim to two large buoys which mark the start of the measured swim.  You must swim between the buoys, turning left or right as instructed at the race briefing.

The course is 'triangular'; swim around the large buoys and  back to the two large buoys at the start, return to the shore and run round the flag pole to start your second lap.

The second lap:

Once you have finished your second lap run up the tarmac path from the beach to the transition area. There is a drinks station on the path before the transition.

There will be canoes on the water as part of the safety crew - none of them will act as lead canoe so please do not follow them. Water temperature is expected to be around 13° C or a little higher (but not much!). Wet suits are compulsory. A very small number of the ET club's female and male wetsuits will be available on the day in case you leave your suit at home or break a zip. However, please don't rely on this as a substitute for hiring a suit if you need to.

If any swimmer does experience problems they should turn onto their back and raise an arm to signal for assistance. Safety boats will be able to access all sides of the triangle without having to cross the path of any swimmers.  Medical assistance will be available on the shore.

Please note that a cut off time of 25 MINUTES will be strictly administered, any swimmer not making the end of one lap in that time will be asked to stop. It is important for the safety of all competitors that this cut off time is respected.

The sea state will be closely monitored. In the event of a heavy swell or very poor visibility, the swim will be cancelled with the race then become a duathlon.


The Gullane Bike:


  • must not mount their bikes until clear of the transition area - this will be clearly marked. 
  • must wear a helmet that complies with recognised standards (ANSI or BSI). The helmet must be secured prior to mounting the bike and only released and removed after dismounting. 
  • must obey the Highway Code at all times and the directions of race marshals and Police.
  • must be particularly careful and vigilant in the built-up areas, in the interests of public and competitors safety and the future of the race
  • must be prepared to stop if required at any crossings. Marshals will be in position at all key junctions.

The cycle route is a single lap course, but contains an extra small-loop about three-quarters of the way round the course, (Strava bike route link)


All the roads are two-lane single carriageways with generally good surfaces and is "non-technical". Overall, the first third of the course follows a shallow uphill gradient. Towards the end of the route there is a zebra crossing and light-controlled crossing in Gullane. Details of any arrangements to turn off these lights will be covered in the race briefing. The last mile is firstly uphill northwards through Gullane, followed by downhill towards the start/transition/finish area on the coast.

Bike Route - step by step:

Out of T1...

  • Leave transition area and go down Sandy Loan, turning right onto the main road (the A198) at the end.

The main lap...

  • From Gullane, head towards Aberlady
  • After about 2 km, take the road (south) towards Luffness Mains. Do not follow the main road when it swings sharply to the right.
  • Follow this road, which after about 2km takes a sharp left turn and becomes the A6137.
  • Go straight on at the roundabout. Note: This roundabout is just after going under the railway bridge and has limited visibility as you approach.  
  • Go up the hill.
  • Turn left onto B1343 to Athelstaneford, observe the cross-roads.
  • Stay on B1343 through Athelstaneford.
  • Turn left onto B1347 to Kingston.
  • In Kingston turn left onto minor road towards Fenton Barns.
  • At cross-roads turn right off the road onto another minor road towards Direlton.
  • At A198 turn left towards Gullane.

The extra small loop:

This loop starts to the west of Dirleton by turning left off the A198 onto B1345 to Drem.
In Drem turn left onto B1377.
At junction of B1377 and B1347 turn left and repeat route to Dirleton.

Back on the main lap...

  • Stay on A198 into Gullane, (do not repeat the extra small loop)
  • In Gullane, return up Marine Road
  • Follow Marine Terrace back to transition area, (T2).

The Gullane Run:

The run route is a two-lap course. Each lap is a "compressed figure of eight shape".


Competitors leave the transition area by the marked exit and will be directed by marshals along the car park road and up a grassy lane towards Hill Road.

Turn left into Hill Road and go down Hill Road to Sandy Loan.  Turn right and then right again into Nisbet Road.  At the end of Nisbet Road turn left into Hummel Road and then right at the end of Hummel Road. On reaching a gate, which will be marshalled, turn immediately right up a steady grassy climb. From here, the route follows an off-road section that will be clearly marked by tape and marshalled. Rejoin the car park road by-passing the transition area.

The course then follows a flat out and back section before returning to the transition area. On your first lap keep right to bypass the finish chute and start your second lap.

The drinks station on the run is at the side of the transition area, and so you pass it twice on each lap.