This page contains

  • a summary of what you can expect from an ET training session and will include specific sections for each of the swim/bike/run disciplines
  • a sample of a weekly email sent to members giving details of some notable sessions planned for that week.
  • a link to the 'Coaching' page for information about the coaches themselves
  • links to Strava and various time-trial results


Photo from Jane Rahil (2016).

Weekly Training - w/c 13th August


Monday: run meeting point has moved and NO swimming (Commie pool is closed).
Sunday: cycle cancelled moving forward but if you are going out for a ride, please set up a Facebook Event and share with fellow ETs.
From May through to September, on the first Tuesday of the month 10 mile TT race at Silverknowes meeting at golf club to start at 1900 and third Tuesday of the month K/QOM at Arthur's seat starting at barrier finishing at car park at top, again same time. There will be prizes for both.
All training sessions cater for a range of abilities (if you are a complete beginner you can ask a coach about suitability before joining a session - if you don’t know a coach then reply to the weekly email and Gary will put you in touch):
  • swim lanes are organised by ability
  • run sessions are either split into groups by ability or the "fifty metre rule” applies (i.e. faster people run at whatever pace they want, and then loop to the back of the group once they get 50 metres ahead)
  • bike sessions are either split into groups by ability or the ride leader ensures no one gets left behind
Please ensure you arrive and are changed and ready to start on time for the sessions.
Time: 1815-1915
Meet: outside Commie Pool Holyrood car park at the palace
Swim CANCELLED (pool closed 28th July to 16th August)
Time: 1930-2030
Venue: Commie Pool
Meet: poolside
Time: 1815
Venue: Silverknowes Golf Club
Session: tbd
Time: 0600-0730
Venue: Leith Victoria pool
Meet: poolside
Time: 1930-2030
Meet: Stewart's Melville sports centre reception
Time: 2045-2145
Meet: poolside 
Time: 0600-0730
Venue: Leith Victoria pool
Meet: poolside 
Time: 0800-0900
Venue: Dalkeith High School
Meet: poolside
Equipment: pull buoy, fins, paddles
Note: pool is available from 0745 if you want to get in early and practice your skills
Time: 0930-
Meet: Dalkeith High School front entrance
Equipment: Helmet mandatory, TT bikes not permitted
If you're heading off for an alternative bike ride or a run or swim, put something out on the email group or Facebook to get your fellow club members to join in.
Yoga and Pilates: Classes at Meadowlark Yoga, 43 Argyle Place,  include Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Pilates. Yoga develops strength and flexibility to complement your other sports.


What can you expect from a training session with Edinburgh Triathletes?

The coaches have prepared a broad plan for the management of training sessions throughout the year for swim, bike and run. The main point of this is to ensure there is a consistent approach to the way sessions are run.

  • The coaching team will have a timed progression of loads or technical aspects within the plan for each part of the year.
  • The coach will inform the group what is happening and what the objectives are of each training session.
  • The coach will set out and describe what any drills or exercises are, in clear and plain English.
  • Swim sessions will be based on Swim Smooth principles, as per British Triathlon recommendations.
  • The coach will give general coaching points to the group and will from time to time pick out specific coaching points for individuals.
  • There will be regular master classes for specific skills improvement across the disciplines.
  • Coaches will guide those of you who have personal training requirements to a source of “paid for” coaching support.

In return the coaches need athletes to:

  • Listen to instructions and if they don’t understand to ask for clarification.
  • Try to follow the instructions given.
  • Be on time for training sessions.
  • Be prepared for the session.
  • Be responsible.
Suggested swimming kit


The following is a suggested kit-list which the coaches have put together and encourage athletes to bring along to pool sessions. This will allow the coaches to incorporate relevant drills and practices to aid your swim training. They are not mandatory but will make certain drills and practices easier to complete.
1 - Pull Buoy - a generic adult sized foam swim buoy will be fine
2 - Hand Paddles - we recommend the Finis Freestylers, technique training paddles, rather than strength training paddles, which help with stroke/catch development
3 - Kick Board - a generic adult sized foam kick board will be fine
4 - Fins - typical rubber fins with a heel cup as pictured will be fine and will allow a wider repertoire of kick drills to be incorporated into sessions. For those who sufer from achilles pain, fins such as the AquaSphere Alpha (the blue ones in the picture above) allow greater ankle flex and may be easier to use. Those who suffer badly from cramp may even want to look for longer length diving-type fins which also reduces load on the calf.
If you've any questions, just ask one of the coaches. We have an 'Affiliation' with Swimshop who are offering us a 10% discount on equipment and have put a bundle package together for us, giving you everything you need from above. Click on their logo below to visit the website and use the discount code from our weekly email to get the discount.